Inexpensive solar panels and pre-fabricated carports

Low solar panel costs, combined with the flooding of the US market with decent quality Chinese UL approved solar panels has created a reasonably affordable solar paneled system, that Iportz can now integrate into our carports product lines for less than $15,000 plus all other EV charging station & electrical carport Eqt. A (4KW system) with all types of Govt., Rebates and all other installation costs will bring down the cost to about $7000 in select states like AZ., CA NJ, NM, NV Oregon etc... Iportz in turn, can now, reasonably pre-design/engineer, prefabricate and integrate very affordable solar components, into our solar carports for direct sale to the consumer (optionally) which should account for 20% of our market share, with the rest of our solar carports being leased, and marketed through other associated vertical solar company’s, under Iportz solar-installer-manufacturer partnership arrangements, in cooperation with Iportz.

Consumers or customers who have an interest in using solar energy to power up their homes or EV cars can now find solar, reasonably affordable. By using traditional bank loans, or solar financing options through traditional lending institutions, or credit agencies, or thru tax investors that solar leasing agency’s partner with Iportz can now offer our carports this same option when sold thru various solar panel installation company’s that use Sun Run, Solar City, Sun Power, Suntech etc. Solar Leasing offered through each solar panel manufacturer and/or solar installer network will benefit Iportz customers and should account for a large percentage of up to 50% of Iportz initial business installations.

Iportz will work with each consumer bank, or alternatively set-up a leasing contract via each solar panel manufacturer, who partners with Iportz, Each consumers who purchases our carports or leases our solar carports can take full advantage of the Solar Carport Leasing option, Iportz is considering partnering with Chinese solar panel company’s, so Iportz can optionally offer a “zero upfront cost solar leasing“ or solar financing options.” Iportz customers will get every chance to reap the benefits of very inexpensive solar panels on the market, combined with our upscale carport products, in this manner. By using Chinese-US backed loans, banks and manufacturers OEM Solar Eqt., our company can diversify it’s lending options, through Chinese solar panel company’s and pass that savings down to our customers, saving the customer thousands of dollars on upfront solar carport and installation costs, by leasing our solar carports.