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How cool looking solar carports will help us gain market share, plus integrating interactive (free) internet access with our carports.

Our solar carports should get noticed and slowly adopted based on their looks alone but IPORTZ has something surprisingly additional in-store for our solar carport purchasers that will seek to knock the socks off each neighbors carport driveway installation. IPORTZ will now introduce in partnership with select internet service providers, an awesome game changing interactive solar carport product feature, which should help bridge the gap between our residential and commercial solar carports product sales.

IPORTZ is in the process of selecting and partnering with select internet service provides an online internet gaming, online movie club, online networking/social media club , internet coupon aggregation club, live internet radio club, live internet auto club, and a live sports club, and will be offering this rich content as an Ad. Based service model feature, free of charge for the first year, when purchasing or leasing our solar carports for your home of your business. By Syncing various internet enabled online applications through IPORTZ interactive solar carport servers, now automobiles, cell phones, satellite phones and auto/dash mounted infotainment centers can now be linked through your carports Grid-Monitoring Eqt., while your solar carport system acts as GATEWAY/HUB communication device. Our optional interactive service feature, will be available second quarter 2012, so that every solar carport can be integrated into the World Wide Web, while aggregating, conserving & creating solar energy in bulk.