Funding Interactive Solar Carports

Save Big with Tax Savings on Interactive Solar Carport Installations:

The economics of a billboard lighting and Integrated Display Systems are extremely attractive, thanks to basic Federal tax credit of 30% and 5-Year Accelerated Capital Depreciation. You'll save thousands on each system.

Here's an example from an actual installation:

Total Investment $1,200,000 (200-300KW Solar Carport with Integrated-InteractiveTV-Display System)
30% Federal Tax Credit - $360,000
Accelerated Depreciation - $350,000 (assumes a 35% Tax Bracket over 5 year period)
Net Capital Cost $490,000

Note: For additional multi-million dollar solar sized Megawatt installation project projection cost assitance and savings please use: (solar PPA's, solar Feed-in-Tariff's, and concentrate on local Utility (RPS) standards which each local Uitlity company needs to satisfy, as part of their legal requirement in order to meet all federally madated pollution offset requirements which will in effect fund most all types of (Parking Lot) Placed "Interactive" Solar Carport Grid-Connected projects installations.

In other words, for every 40 cents that the billboard owner invests in the lighting system, the Federal Government will invest 60 cents! These incentives won’t always be this generous, so now is the time to take advantage of them.