Cantilever Configuration (obstrctive vs. unobstuctive)

(Phase III) Iportz then takes your design questionaire input, from each general contractor or homeowner and Iportz then creates line-drawings or informal construction drawings which then gets detailed based on your questionaire that you filled out previously which gives Iportz a really good idea of what your carport will look like and be configured, as placed in your driveway. After Iportz gets the informative detailing input from the questionaires, Iportz then sources the best possible component suppliers/fabricators or onsite assembly teams (locally) wherever you live (which could a local general contractor) and we then submit our "Request For Bid Proposal" to each local contractor, thus creating many types of jobs locally. The above process is very simple and very common to all general contractors who do both residential and commercial building installtions.