About Iportz Inc.

Iportz, Inc. (www.iportzinc.com)is a company dedicated to placing solar powered "INTERACTIVE" digital displays in parking lots located directly above each parking space that automobile infotainment-dashboards and consumer cell phones, as well as ipads can interact with, before a consumer enters each retail store. Being able to shop around for i-sales, i-discounts, i-coupon redemptions or certain food items on each shelf, as well as be being able to "price out" each item for comparison shopping is what Iportz, Inc's Interactive Display Company is all about... "helping the consumer save... not the retailer"

Iportz further incorporates large interactive LED TV's above "each" parking space (per consumer parking space) which is also embedded underneath our solar carport canopy's that synergistically shades each car from the sun and the rain while they interact with our (INTERACTIVE) overhead shopping displays. In so doing, each consumer can now have their very own Interactive i-TV, they can personally interact with which is located just above each parking space. Consumers can now independently see and interact with each overhead interact LED TV's content and shop around and gather all of their in-store items using our LED TV Interactive (KINECT) hang gesture interface or use Iportz new interactive i-cloud cell phone app. which Iportz provides free of charge to each consumer that's downloadable and located on our website. Each consumer can now see exactly what their shopping for, or gather information (row- by -row) and place each in-store item they have choice to purchase in their virtual shopping cart by "synching" their cell phone with our overhead Interactive LED TV's, located over each parking space.

As such, all of this effortless shopping can be done in the comfort of each person's car, as they interact thru Iportz LED i-TV's... using own very own embedded Wi-Max, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth telecommunication HUB's that are embedded into our solar panel ed roofs panels or embedded into each LED i-TV placed under each canopy panel. Iportz strategically places our wireless interactive i-TV's over each parking space, so each consumer can have their very own privacy when shopping. Using low cost Interactive LED TV's that can "SYNCH" with our "I-CLOUD" network i-TV's and with each person's cell phone can now be accomplished by using Iportz in-store interactive dashboard menu's that are showcased above each parking space i-TV which displays exactly what products your comparing or ordering that also displayed on your cell phone simultaneously.

Iportz software app. takes the guess work out of shopping choices allowing consumers to look for e-bargains, e-coupons e-discounts as an e-value added service features that Iportz outdoor displays supplemental adds to each stores website dashboard that Iportz wirelessly (synch's) to each over head display which is provided by Apples (i-cloud) step-by-step in store concierge guidance and service features that Iportz has adapted for our interactive display applications. Consumers being able to know all of your shopping logistics in advance, as well what row each item is located is a major plus in winning over tech. save consumers before they enter the retail store, as they can be guided by Iportz instant messenger concierge app., that uses our novel step-by -step (GPS) guided live messenger concierge guidance app., option, for in-store product knowledge and ordering assistance that helps you get to each item even faster...and locate what shelf each item is located.

Putting consumers in control of their shopping needs as seated in their car before they enter the store is what Iportz is bringing to the consumer, and not the retailer. Iportz additionally focuses on the consumers needs and helps them to maximize their savings by using our cell phone based software app. to decide which items inside each store they may want to locate and price compare before they even walk into a retail store. By comparing prices on the fly, and by using our overhead interactive i-cloud displays, shoppers can decide which name brands or non name brands they prefer within their budget before they enter the store, as they interact with each overhead digital display located over each parking space. Making key decisions like this empowers consumers as they sit in their car interacting with our i-cloud overhead interactive displays. Retail shopping just got a whole lot more convenient, as consumers can order in-store goods online in the comfort of their car via Iportz cell phone app. which links with each retail store website servers and our Iportz i-cloud database and our overhead displays that shoppers can "synch" to their cell phones.

"Synching" each person's cell phone with our i-cloud network of overhead interactive displays, located over each parking space makes our virtual in-store shopping app. experience on your cell phone a whole lot funner, and more convenient, and is as if you were in the store virtually walking thru each isle and seeing each brand on each shelf... After shopping around and accumulating a list of goods virtually, consumers are then encouraged to come into the store for major coupon redemption offerings and major discounts, as they only apply if you enter the store. Interactive retail shopping app's on-site that are downloadable from Iportz website and directly uploaded to each person's phone or downloaded onto your cars dash mounted ipad or Dash mounted LCD touch screen/navigation system is making virtual consumer shopping more proactive and interactive by letting the consumer decide what shopping choices they will make is a game changing effort that Iportz is making a reality. Please feel free to call us, if you're a retailer interested in our interactive software app. that we can tie directly into your existing website, so we can set up an interview at your earliest convenience and come in and perform a product application and technology demonstration.