Iportz Partnership Proposal

Please take a brief moment to review our business offer and our very unique Solar Carport Structures that Iportz, Inc., Contract Manufactures and is now offering in partnership with and through; Solar Panel Installers, Solar Product Distributors, Solar Manufacturers, Home Builders/Roofers, General Contractors, Vertically Integrated-EV Charging Station Suppliers, Electric Vehicle Car Rental Agencies and Electric Vehicle Car Manufacturers.

Iportz has selected your company type, as a potential product-service provider or product promoter to help Iportz market, sell and vertically integrate ""your" solar panel, as well as your electrical Eqt., directly into our pre-fabricated Carport Kits. Iportz strongly feels that by integrating all solar panel partner components, into our carport kits, and then selling our carport kits, through each vertically integrated solar installer, as "complete" kits, that Iportz can now offer our solar carports through not only larger but smaller mom and pop solar installers. The ability to "remarket" our solar carport products, as completed kits in cooperation with solar installers, shows that Iportz is in business to integrate all solar installer components directly into Iportz prefabricated solar carport canopy kits, as a shared approach.

Iportz hopes to gain market share & product acceptance by creating stronger market shares, in select locations, with our "shared business model approach" where solar rebates, solar incentives & kw/hr., rates are very high. Various states, Federal Govt., and Local Utility incentives, will also be applied to our solar carports and will bring the cost down quite significantly, making our solar carports very affordable. Our eye-catching, smart-grid connected solar carport installations will compliment each homeowners property layout and help consumers boast by showcasing how elegant and sexy each solar carport design has now evolved. Being fashionable in the solar energy market, will help win over a lot of pundits that think solar panels mounted on a house is ugly, as Iportz solar carports design & placement helps eliminate that stigma, by placing our unobtsructively designed solar carports next to a customer’s residential driveway.

Iportz takes a fairly conservative guestimation &logistical marketing approach to our carports product market entrance, as we feel that by creating a "new sexy appeal or sleek product design image," that Iportz should help gain faster market entrance & acceptance with younger Generation X and Y crowd, who may install “one or two” of our solar carports at their homes or place of business. Cool functioning solar carport designs that can blend in architecturally with a home’s motif or style, should help play a key role in winning over not only solar customers, & solar installers, but homeowner Association & Architectural Review Boards.

Likewise, please feel free to contact us and/or fill out our partnership questionnaire that’s attached to this packet. Iportz will get back to you within 24 hours or the next business day, if there is a possible partnership match.