Three Finance Options

Capital Purchase Agreement (CPA)

  • You purchase your customized system which generates “free” renewable energy.
  • You have complete control over financing.
  • All design and installation costs are included in the price.
  • SunDurance obtains necessary permits to ensure proper design and installation.
  • You receive any qualifying state and federal energy credits and incentives.
  • You earn tax benefits to the extent available, including investment tax credit and depreciation.
  • SunDurance can complete all incentive applications as an additional service.
  • Operations and maintenance available as an additional service.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • You pay only for the solar electricity you use, nothing more.
  • For the life of the agreement (usually 15–25 years), you pay a price competitive with, and in many cases below, grid cost.
  • Contracted solar electricity rate provides a hedge against rising utility costs.
  • There is no capital outlay.
  • All design, installation and maintenance costs are included.
  • SunDurance handles everything — from obtaining permits to design, installation and maintenance.
  • SunDurance completes all of the incentive applications.

Customer Lease Agreement (CLA)

  • Offers system ownership while avoiding up-front capital commitment.
  • Customized lease payments (usually 7 years) designed to generate positive cash flow through energy savings and SREC income.
  • You retain the rights to the SRECs for the life of the system.
  • Allows the financial partner to utilize the tax incentives (FITC/G and depreciation) and share the benefit with you.
  • Three flexible options at the end of the term — purchase the system, extend the lease term or remove the system.
  • Operations & maintenance available as an additional service.
  • Bank credit approval required.