The Solar Carport Construction Process

(Phase I) Iportz, Inc. operates in a very simple manner which takes place in basically 4 simple Phases. As such, in (Phase I), Iportz comes up with a basic sketch or layout of the Solar Carport type that we have (pre-envisioned) which keeps your cost to a minimum, that will then be based on your homes style and property layout. Then, we roundabout the best configuration for that solar carport based on Google Aerial Mapping, which is both a Street Level and a Cellestial Phtographic Overhead View of your house, attained via Google Maps. If Iportz cannot attain your homes photos from Google, we then ask each property owner to work with us and supply us with the best possible property layout and photos of each home which accomplishes the same reslt, as Google Mapping.

(Phase II) Furthermore, Iportz then bases each solar carports placement & layout, for your residential driveway, based on the Sun's overhead path in comparison to how or where your home is facing, as well as where or how your driveways layed out, placed, configured or located, in comparsion to the suns path: (e.g, North/South Path or East/West Sun Path). Iportz then takes our pre-envisioned solar carports that we already have in our database and we then configure your solar carport with a rough sketch of what the solar carports exterior, as well as roof treatments will look like, based on a few factors of the photos we attain of your house, your home-office or your place of business. (Phase III) Iportz, then has a Specializend Design Rep. or someone from our parter Design Team work directly with each general contractor or home owner that will install your solar carport, and we have have them fill out our design questionaire, regarding truss types, roof framing options, roof framing detailing options, roof style and configuration needed and any other column or roof roof cladding/detailing treatments which will give your solar carport it's motiff or period style look, that blends in with your houses exterior roofing or exterior cladding.

(Phase III) Iportz then takes your design questionaire input, from each general contractor or homeowner and Iportz then creates line-drawings or informal construction drawings which then gets detailed based on your questionaire that you filled out previously which gives Iportz a really good idea of what your carport will look like and be configured, as placed in your driveway. After Iportz gets the informative detailing input from the questionaires, Iportz then sources the best possible component suppliers/fabricators or onsite assembly teams (locally) wherever you live (which could a local general contractor) and we then submit our "Request For Bid Proposal" to each local contractor, thus creating many types of jobs locally. The above process is very simple and very common to all general contractors who do both residential and commercial building installtions.

(Phase IV) Iportz then finally sources a local solar panel supplier, local panel installer company, or general contractors who they themselves may vhoose to source by using their very own solar installers, to come over and integrate all of "our" solar eqt...or supplementally use all of their partners solar panel eqt. for direct integraton into our carport roofs, which are already have pre-configured and sized according to each local solar installers eqt., solar panel sizes and other electrical inverters (step-up tranformers) or EV Charging Station components that will be integrated into our Cantilevered Solar Carport Systems.

Our simple process, and will eventually become even less labor intensive, as Iportz is presently seeking to partner with Home-Depot and Lowe's to have them supply all of our solar carport, as complete kits, with a simple leasing option, that can be ordered through their online store. Chech back with us, as we will be have News Release Updates regarding any and all of our future partnerships that Iportz will be entering into.