Co-Marketing & Branding of Our Solar Carports Is Simple

Co-Marketing and Co-Branding our solar carports through (solar installer) vertical or Electric Vehicle Car Dealership/Fleet type agency’s creates & opens up larger marketing solutions and venues for mass adoption & distribution, of our solar carports & hybrid solar carport charging stations, to end-users seeking to go green in a very elegant carport form factor. All solar vertical agencies listed above are welcome to partner with Iportz, and source our solar carports for their very own use or help Iportz re-market our solar carports thru their agencies which we call a Co-Marketing Partnership. Whatever new marketing partners or promotional channels Iportz facilitates, we ask that each Iportz Partner help us to Co-Market our solar carports by sharing in Brochure Advertising, any Cable TV listings, TV Advertising/Media Coverage, Internet Advertising, Website Linking or even word of mouth marketing, wherein each vendor receives a guaranteed finder’s fee (paid upfront) as soon as a contract is attained leading to the installation of our Solar Carport.

Iportz can also integrate “any” company’s (EV) Electric Charging and/or Solar Panel Eqt. directly into our carports prefabricated canopy kit (as an easy to assemble bolt-together kit), that’s pre-wired, & considered a plug-&-play carport system. As such, when placed on-site, we ask that qualified construction contractors be present during this process for our solar carport assembly and grid connection. Optionally, any associated vertical solar energy partners that wants to do business with Iportz can optionally have Iportz handle & source all of “their” company’s solar components, as integrated into our solar carports that each vendors refers to Iportz which leads to a sale.

In the above scenario, Iportz will still respectfully pay each vendor a base finders fee of 20%, plus integrate each vendors solar components directly into our carports. Furthermore, Iportz see’s the largest product introduction and market/sector shares, stemming from word of mouth by solar installers, roofing contractors or directly stemming from a residential community’s placement of our solar carports (located in each persons driveway) which should draw alot of eye-catching attention, due to the solar carports really elegant design, configuration and highly visible (street level) placement. If a residential customer refers our solar carport, to any other neighbor, in an adjoining driveway (as placed next to your solar carport, we had installed), Iportz will give a 40% commission and finders fee equal to ($3000-5000) to each referral leading to a sale. If the referral sale leads to a local neighborhood installation or similar citywide location, that Iportz contractors en up installing we will give them a finders fee of 20%. All sales commissions on average are between $2000 - $4000.