1. How do you see your company working with Iportz: Utility Company, Product Vendors, Home Builder, Solar Installer, Solar Eqt., Manufacturer, Solar Leasing Co.

2. Would you like to sell, lease, assist in financing our solar carports, re-market them or, other!

3. How do you see your company working with Iportz: Solar Panel Integration, Sales Generation, Marketing Assistance or other?

4. What type of partnership would your company consider: Supplier, Investor, Distributor, Exporter, Bulk Installations or other, etc.

5. What type of Service or Product do you provide, or can you integrate with Iportz Solar Carports, EV Charging Egt., Inverters, On-Site Installation Services, or other?

6. What is your company's specialty: Sales, Products, Services, other?

7. What company's do you represent, or are you associated with, banking, finance, solar manufacturers, electric contractors, other?