How Iportz Marketing Strategy & Product
Volume increases will occur based on (4) simple elements

Iportz Inc. anticipates our first year quarterly sales volumes will be in the low 50’s at $15,0000 per solar carport, as orders come in via trade shows, word of mouth referrals, and other solar exhibit attendances, and licensing partnerships sales channels start to open up and accrue, via our contracted solar installers. We estimate above average quarterly increases, in the lower teens per financial quarter, starting in January, with the above marketing approach.

1. Iportz estimates our residential solar carport units will start to draw mass appeal from the carports actual installation, based on the products outdoor visibility and it’s (eye-catching gorgeous-sexy product appeal) features, unique design/looks/configurations and by offering a very large referral fee leading of (20%-40%) to each persons that installs our solar carports then refers one of our solar carports to their relatives or their neighbor.

2. The solar leasing option will also attract 30% more sales, (overall yearly), as little or no upfront fee‘s or associated overhead costs are associated with our solar carport leasing options making our solar carports really appealing from a consumers (no out of pocket cost perspective) and should attract even more customers by word of mouth regarding this type of solar leasing, as lower energy bills equates into direct demand and use of our carports to the masses.

3. The combination of the former elements combined with a partnership friendly (non-competitive integrated partnership approach with all solar installers) in using our integrated carport & solar carport charging stations, in combination with partner solar installer/solar panel eqt. suppliers is key here.

4. Our incentivised partnership marketing approach should sell more solar carports and last but not least solar panel costs have come down by 40% in the last year, as Iportz will take advantage of this fact and offer our solar carports for sale and/or financed directly to customers, which range in price from approx. ($10,000-$15,000) with our 4KW system. Then add $1500 for an 120 volt EV Charger, plus all the other electrical Eqt, & installation costs. Then add or subtract applicable State, Federal & Local Utility company Grid-Connection/Net Metering rebates. After solar rebates, you will start to see that our solar carports (are priced at less than $7000) which makes our solar carports very, very affordable, for a (4kw-7kw) system. Our solar carports come in single roof (200 sq. feet) or (double roof/single column, 400 sq. feet set ups) or can be configured as a (linear) interconnected single length solar carport, covering (300 feet or more in length), and up to (2000 sq. feet of solar panel roof space, as located in commercial parking lot). Please see the attached brochure photo layout, for a small list of our carport canopy styles, layouts, configurations, and placements of each Interactive LED TV that embedded into our “ patented” interactive advertising display solar carport canopy systems).

By adding interactive advertising displays called LED TV’s to our smaller solar carports, Iportz adds a supplemental $10,000 a year income your solar carport, for each carport installation, (per parking lot) and is free of charge to add this interactive technology feature, per consumer. Iportz has partnered with 15 outdoor advertising company’s, and picks up the fee’s on this aspect of our solar carports projected income, product integration, it’s interactive internet usage fee’s, it’s consumer interactive software application functions, and income derived components. Please inquire within for more info. on how you can install our solar carports at your place of business and receive a free residential solar carport, (2kw system), at your residence.

Iportz has broken the mold on incentivising this solar carport approach and really wants business owners to see that residential solar carports & commercial solar carports go hand-in-hand for our products end-use, which is trade secret protected at this time but will be self evident as the solar carport systems get installed after the fact.