1603 Cash back Grant Update:

Iportz Inc's uses a Private type of Alternative (1603) Treasury Grant (Cash Back) Financing Method to Fund its Solar Carport Installations and create more solar energy tax credits which investors love, starting January 1, 2012 at midnight:

Iportz, Inc Founder and CEO Steve Durham, creates a new way to use "Advertising Based Solar Tax Credits (as Cash Back Credits)" for all of it's commercial solar carport project installations: Iportz, Inc's Solar Carport (1603) Federal/Private Hybrid Cash-Back-Grant pays "solar installers" and "solar carport owners" the same 30% upfront cash back grant money that is so vitally needed in order to help finance any type of commercial solar carport installation, as long as each solar carport owner uses Iportz Inc's Green Solar Powered Advertising Method, which attach's solar powered TV's to each solar carport, for specific use in "VERY BUSY" commercial parking lots by attaining addtional solar tax credits.

Let us explain..

As the US Govt's 1603 grant morphs away from the 30% cash back provision to a federal "tax-credit-writeoff provision" each solar carport business owner can now install a solar carport in their respective parking lot, and can optionally and alternatively write-off more of the tax solar carports tax credits by using Iportz, Inc's new private/hybrid (1603) Cash Back Green Method Advertising Solar Tax Grant. Solar Installer/Contractors on the oter hand needs to help Iportz Inc. market or re-market the usable solar advertising based tax credits that derive from the the solar carports advertising dispalys to companies seeking these type of tax benefits regarding each solar carport installation, as large solar installations and solar installers can now attach Advertising TV's to Iportz Inc's solar carports, which will now be powered by the carports solar panels thus creating and opening up new avenues to generate cash back options, advertising profits and supplemental tax credits, using our solar powered advertising based tax method , in order to purposefully generate solar tax credits, per solar powered green advertisement, that's showcased under our solar carports display systems.

Every type of solar contractor/installer I speak with is somewhat confused, hesitant, skeptical and really excited about IPortz Inc's new hybrid private (1603) cash back grant method which helps pay solar contractor/installers 30% of the solar carports project cost upfront (privately) in exchange for tax credits, as an upfront private 1603 grant cash grant from Iportz investors, (in combination with the Govt.'s 1603 tax grant) (applied back-to-back), but adds our new solar advertising based tax credit and remarketing method, in order to help solar contractors re-market our companies advertising based solar tax credits to "would be solar tax credit seeking companies" seeking these types of alternative tax credits in exchange for (30%) of the projects total cost, as a cash back, solar advertising based tax credit exchange policy.

All solar installers are encouraged to help Iportz Inc. sell these solar powered advertising based tax credits, to all agencies interested in the solar tax credits, as we want solar installers ad solar carport owners to be more proactive in all of our solar carport advertising installations and in our solar tax credit solicitations to investors . As such, Iportz realizes that many businesses have some type of ""Debt or Tax money they owe."" In so doing, the former Federal Tax Cash Back Grant which is now being adjusted or morphing into to its "original form via the US Govt's new policy " still applies to Iportz Inc's solar carports products" as that money of 30% can be written off for a solar carports back tax money owed from the solar carport owner ..and now can be combined with Iportz Inc's new 1603 private/hybrid cash back solar tax credit advertising remarketing method, for use exclusively with our "Solar Powered TV's" and Solar Powered Ad's that eminates from each Iportz solar carport.

Our "new solar powered advertising marketing method" and cash back policy should help our solar contractor newtwork to grow, as we are asking all solar installers/contractors to help us re-market the advertising based solar tax credits that eminate from each solar TV attached to our solar carport, so that each solar carport owner or private purchaser of these solar advertising based solar tax credits can benefit two fold. Now Solar Carport business owners and Solar Contractor/Installers can install a solar carport in a commercial parking lot, and still use the US Govt's intended solar tax credits to write-off each solar carport owers traditional debt, per solar carport installation and "now" supplementally combine Iportz Inc's "New Alternative (1603) Hybrid Cash Back Green Alternative Advertising Use Provision"...wherein Iportz Inc's NEW GREEN PRIVATE/HYBRID SOLAR TAX CREDIT METHOD STILL TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE 30% CASH BACK PROVISION UNDER BOTH THE US GOVT, AND NOW UNDER IPORTZ INC's NEW PRIVATE 1603 BUSINESS MODEL, WHICH USES OUR SUPPLEMENTAL GREEN ADVERTISING PRIVATE BASED (1603) CASH BACK METHOD FOR ALL OF OUR SOLAR CARPORT SOLAR ADVERTISING TAX CREDIT FINANCED INSTALLATIONS..which Iportz patented and invented over an 8 year period, and is now being marketed thru all of it's partner solar contractors/installers for a small percentage fee.

This type of "supplemental alternative or hybrid solar financing" is catching on with all Iportz Inc's solar installers and solar carport owners who own or place "OUR" solar carports in large parking lots (using our method). Solar contractors, solar carport owners, and solar tax credit investors all love the extra cash back money and green private/hybrid advertising solar tax credits that we offer of up to 30% on all our solar carport projects expenses which includes our Green Solar Powered Advertising Displays that used in exchange for all the Green Tax Credits that eminate from Iportz Solar Powered TV Advertisements and TV attachments that are showcased as "Traditional or Green Ad's," as placed underneath our solar carport canopy, for use in large commercial parking lots.

Futhermore, the solar powered tax credits that eminate from the US Govt's 1603 policy presently is the same as before "except" for the fact that the tax credits "NOW" cannot be used for upfront cash back leverage to help finance each solar carport project, as Iportz Inc. nows supplies this cas money with our new Green 1603 Private Advertising Exchange Solar Tax Based Financing Method) WHEREIN EACH SOLAR POWERED ADVERTISEMENT THAT EMINATES FROM OUR GREEN TV/DISPLAYS CAN BE USED TO WRITE OFF A PROJECTS LONG TERM COST, USING OUR ALTERNATIVE ADVERTISING FINANCING SOLAR TAX CREDIT METHOD, AS EACH TV/DISPLAY WILL BE USED IN A PARKING LOT..(E.G.,WITH SOLAR BASED ADVERTISEMENTS EMINATING VIA EACH DISPLAY, THUS CREATING LOTS OF SOLAR ENERGY BASED TAX CREDITS)..which Iportz Inc. is now offering to all of its solar carport owners and solar contractors seeking to install solar carports in very busy parking lots and in need of the 30% cash back upfront money that is so desparately needed in order to help finance each solar carport project and write-off a businesses debt based taxes at the same time. Iportz Inc's method is win-win-win for everyone in our supply chain.

Iportz, Inc's solution for this (Private {1603} Tax Credit (c) copyright of Iportz, Inc.) cash back loss method is now becoming very benfiscial to all of Iportz Inc's solar carport customers, as a win-win for the carport owner and solar carport installers wanting to install "our" solar carports based on our privatized (1603) PRIVATE financing methods, using IPortz Inc's patented "green alternative business model." Our Green Advertising based solar carports, were invented for alternative solar financing solutions, as Iportz realized early on, as far back as 2001, that the US Govt. wont always support these types solar projects with its own cash, wherein Iportz, Inc. can now supply all of its solar contractors "with cash upfront" up to (30%) of the prjects overall cost, in exchange for retaining all of the green solar tax credits that eminate from the solar carports green solar powered advertising displays and help finance these projects even (moreso) under our ""alternative green 1603 private financing advertising method" (c) copyrighted name proprty of Iportz, Inc. which we call our (Green Alternative {1603} Cash back Method) (c) copyrighted name property of Iportz, Inc.

Our solar powered green 1603 private method basically pre-sells all of the green solar powered advertising attributes (or advertising based solar tax credits upfront) to would be financing company's or (emission polluters power plants/utlity's )..for any type of commercial solar carport project installation, including: (PPA's, NET-METERING or even FEED IN TARIFF projects, as long as the commercial solar carport is in a good location) with lots of traffic counts (e.g, busy parking lots) etc. As such, by attaching Green Solar Powered LED Advertising Displays "underneath" each solar carport canopy, (thats attached unobstructively to each solar carport) the solar installer and the solar carport owner can now finance these projects in the same manner as before, but now under Iportz Inc's new Private 1603 green financing method.

With our new private 1603 solar advertising tax credit method, (c) copyrighted name of Iportz, Inc. we are asking all companies who buy tax solar tax credits to partner with us, and help purchase Iportz Inc's solar installer network tax credits, from each large solar power installation, that our solar contractors will install. We are calling on solar installers, various solar tax credit financing company's and large emission polluters such as: coal buring power plants, larger utlity companies and large advertising, and solar tax credit finance companies to partner with us, in order to acquire our solar enenrgy tax credits (early on) in order to help our solar installers, install our solar carports. Owners of these 1603 based solar advertising based tax credits will in turn help each solar contractor get the upfront cash back money they need of 30% ...as that that cash will now come from the Advertising Company's, Emission Polluters or various solar Financing Partners, seeking to lower their carbon footprint, so each solar carport installer can get approproate financing and place our commercial solar carports in as many parking lot as possible.

Our Solar Carport and their green Ad's are good for the enviroemnt and for investors alike as our solar carports will now become Interactive Advertising Displays that customers can use to get up to date information on sales, discounts, and local coupons, as they sit in the comfort of their very own car, parked under our solar carport hybrid interactive advertising displays all while each solar carport owner reaps the tax benefits of each solar powered advertisment that's showcased and ran by solar power. The solar powered advertising tax credits created via the solar carport canopy and solar powered TV's help privately finance each solar carport project upfront, using the solar advertisements tax credit, in LEIU of cash, that then helps initially finance the solar carport system installation, thus lowering a solar contractors upfront costs, to install the solar carport unfront, therein incentivising each solar carport projects installation. The solar carport owner, solar carport installer and the Emission Polluter can now use our Private 1603 solar tax credit provision which applies to Iportz, Inc's s patented business method and continuation patents.

In this scenario a supplemental private (1603) solar powered green advertising (tax credit) assistance method and cash back advertising policy applies to anyone wanting to install our solar carports (even third party owners) wanting to place our solar powered carports in any type of BUSY HIGH TRAFFIC commercial parking lot, under Iportz Inc's advertising based solar tax credit advertising policy. Additionally, our solar carports are now called "Interactive Solar Carports" since people or cars can park under our solar carports and can now interact with each Solar Powered Interactive TV Ad. Each green solar powered advertisment that eminates from each solar powered TV..can now be a solar powered tax write off..as each Green Ad. that's being showcased or both "created and showcased" using solar energy benefits from the tax credits.

Founder, of Iportz Inc (Steven Durham) add's that whenever you use solar energy to power power up a device (our Solar TV's) or even "create" an advertisements in a computer...(using solar energy) that...GREEN TAX CREDITS THUS APPLY AND ARE CREATED INSTANTANEOUSLY, wherein the solar carport can now be paid off FULLY in less than two years, as advertisers are begging to come aboard now..for all of the green advertising based tax credits which can solar installers cash back money in order to do the solar carport installations. By helping solar installers in this way Iportz Inc's solar carports business method and technology approach can be licesnsed to contractors, as we have advertisers lined up that will showcase local Ad's on these solar powered integrated TV that are attached to anyone's solar carport.
Thats all we ask each solar installer to do is help us market all of the solar carports advertising tax credits, after our investors meet their quota for the year.

Come see how Iportz Inc is revolutionizing solar advertising based tax credits, in oder to help all of our contracted solar installers finance and get attract these types of solar carport projects. We invite all solar installers to come see us at www.iportzinc.com as we guarantee you wont be dissappointed with our green advertising options, and contract terms, as your customer will love the extra green advertising income. Please note that Green Advertising is regulated and clearly defined by the US Govt. and any and all Green Govt. Policy's & Regulations which apply to our Interactive Solar Carports Installations.