Coming to a market near you (solar carports)
Marketed as solar leasing kits

Iportz is presently in contact with Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Sam Club, Best Buy and other larger big box retailers to help us mass market and distribute our solar carports to the masses, but with no interest as of yet. Iportz sees this marketing avenue, as the true future of solar energies mass adoption and mass appeal, by mass distributing our solar carports through these agencies.

Iportz at present, has sent out letters of acknowledgment to these retailers and has been in the process of creating larger marketing Sales channels, with in partnership with solar installers and/or solar panel manufacturers instead of partnering with larger Box retailers. Iportz will now Co-Market and promote our solar carports with and through larger and smaller solar retailers, and solar distributors/manufacturers. Larger big box retailers would have been a great avenue to take advantage advantages of as economies of scale would have been nice but has not yet been established. Future mass appeal of Iportz products is envisioned for the masses as production ramps up for our solar carport kits. Our main goal is to get larger neighborhoods to adopt our solar carports as (produced in bulk) and then aggregate all of the solar energy, from our solar carports and then resell this solar energy back to the local utilities, which makes our solar carports less expensive, if product in bulk and then sell this solar energy, in this manner.

As such, to streamline and speed up delivery, transportation and assembly of our solar carports, Iportz handles all prefabrication, pre-engineering, transportation to the site and construction permitting assistance, with others purchase our solar carport kits. Iportz painstakingly chooses to offer other vendors our fully Integra table solar carports that vertically integrates their solar components directly into our carport canopy systems.

Why we choose to take the former approach is also simple, it takes advantage of wider distribution of solar providers located throughout the US and covers more territory. Likewise, solar installers can now offer their customers an alternative to traditional roof mounted installations and still integrate their solar components with our carport kits. By offering customers a fully integrated solar carport installation and product offering option, customers can now have some control over the carports architectural design process (early on) through Iportz design team which empowers the customer to help architecturally detail their solar carport system early on. Empowering customers in this way, helps each solar installers selling point and encourages future customers to feel engaged in the carports creation. Once a solar carport gets installed and is visible as placed in front of a customers house, each customer then feels empowered to boast or elaborate that he or she was involved in the solar carports design process which Iportz welcomes early on.

Each solar carport customer can then choose from various design features, roof styles, roof configurations and any architectural motifs’ which we can integrate as part of our upscale solar carport canopy and it’s column decoration, to blend in with each customers home or business style. This fact can be a key selling point for solar installers to inform their solar customers of this process and architectural design feature or the solar installer can handle all of these details for each customer. Solar contractors and installers can still market our carports in combination with their vendor specific components, as integrated solar carport systems which is a win-win for both partners.