Outdoor Overhead Interactive Displays

Iportz, can assist all types of property owners, out-of-home advertising agencies, mobile businesses, and larger advertising firms with all types of on-site digital display advertising product and service functions including, installation, site-planning, media placement and pre-negotiated advertising buying rights.

Our company can work on the owner's behalf and/or advertising agencies behalf to accomplish whatever goals and placement services you may have mind in order to implement, create and expand your property's income generating presence. Iportz prides itself on adapting its business model to existing or newer advertising platform approaches, and assets all of its customers on the logistics' of our business model by integrating online, mobile-web and outdoor digital onto each property.

A list of interactive advertising display services we can negotiate on behalf of each customer:

Solar carports with advertisements

  • Site planning, acquisition, and contractual advertising planning rights
  • On-site, on-location advertising lease or lease denegation terms
  • Contractual advertising rights and price scheduling rates
  • On-site local & citywide convergent web-mobile and online marketing campaigns
  • Digital advertising display placement services on permanent or mobile properties
  • Contractual advertising right (buyout/acquisitions) from national agencies
  • All technical hookup, layout, installation, technical servicing and programming
  • Coordination with local and national, Ad. buying and Ad. placement service agencies

Commercial location and outdoor presense of our interactive displays:

Solar public carports with advertisements

  • Sporting event & state fair side mounted into concession stand walls and canopies
  • Integrated into solar carport & solar charging station canopy's
  • Placed over advertising kiosk canopies
  • Side mounted on mobile food trucks
  • Side mounted onto side road, mobile and permanent food carts and eateries
  • Horizontally configured over commercial parking spaces
  • Configured overhead and above ATM machines
  • Embedded into Point of Sale Kiosks

Wireless Mobile Eco-System